RSSOctober 25, 2014

Slickness Personified: The new line of Sony VAIO

Sony’s laptops have been known for two things: slick design and (previously) rather high price tags for the specs you get (see: previous Sony post). Here, Sony seems to have gotten better with both. Sony today announced and will soon make available for sale two new units for the VAIO Z Series: the VAIO VPCZ11Z9E [...]

Playing Games: The iBuyPower Battalion Touch CZ-10 Gaming Notebook

iBuyPower is a small company that makes larger powered specialty systems (similar to Alienware) and has been around for a little while now. They’re launching a new gaminjg targeted line shortly, and here’s more about it. The company is now taking pre-orders for the Battalion Touch CZ-10 Gaming Notebook, targeted with a fast processor for [...]

The Gaming Netbook: The AlienWare M11X

Laptops aren’t usually designed to be big-time gaming devices; they’re mostly for business and portable office application, but the Alienware M11x may change that. They’re a company that has produced high-end systems and laptops for years now, and their latest announcement will shake up what traditional ‘netbooks’ can do. This one starts with a high-res [...]

A Shot Across the Netbook Waters: The Gateway LT2102H

Gateway joined the mass market netbook parade officially with the release of their new model, the LT2102H, only in Canada for now. It’s assumed it will go elsewhere if it does well. It’s available at Future Shop, a vendor in Canada. It is scheduled to start at the $299.99 mark, this entry-level ultra-portable laptop will [...]

Like a Dream: The Dreambook Light U11

Pioneer Computers is a small outfit in Australia that happens to be the leading producer of PCs in the region, and they’re making a splash in the notebook arena with their newest line, The DreamBook Light U1. Design is expected to be mighty slick as you can see, and specs are reported to include: a [...]

CPU Envy: The HP Envy 15 15-1050NR Laptop

HP’s rep in the PC industry has been taking some hits recently (mostly in the reliability category), but they make some really slick laptops, you have to admit. This latest in the Envy line is one example in point. HP has announced the upcoming release of the 15-1050NR, a model in their Envy 15 laptop [...]

Dressed Up: The Packard Bell Dot VR46 Valentino Rossi Edition Laptop

Once upon a time, Packard Bell made computers.  Back then, they weren’t considered a premium brand, to put it mildly. Nowadays, their computers tend to be more stylized and consumer friendly (and more reliable), and this newest release announcement is no exception. Packard Bell today made the release of a slick new laptop for Valentino [...]

Thin Reasoning: The Dell Vostro V13 Laptop

Dell is always good for some slim and slick designs for their desktops and laptops, and this is no exception, for certain. It’s a economical and ultra-take on the traditional power business laptop, the Vostro V13 line. It’s thin all right: measuring only 16.5mm thick and weighing an absurdly light 4 lbs, this wafer rocket [...]

Long-Lasting Goodness: Acer 2010 Aspire Timeline 3810TG Notebook

Battery life is a frequent complain of laptops in general, and for some reason, Acer laptops in particular. The company is listening, it appears, because their newest line improves big time on that aspect. Acer announced its new 2010 Aspire Timeline 3810TG series – to be  sold first in the Korean market, according to reports. [...]

Big Time: The Acer Aspire 5739G-MX24

Acer is slowly moving into the higher end laptop market after spending a lot of time in the lower-end shopping channel/netbook sector. They’ll try their hand first in Japan with the new Aspire 5739G-MX24. The specs are mighty impressive for a laptop. Specs include a 15.6″ LCD display and packing a powerful Intel Core 2 [...]